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How to Block delivers news articles for Android applications. This domain can sometimes display annoying pop-up advertisements. You are in luck if you want to learn how to block and avoid these annoying ads. This blog post will show you how to easily block on using multiple methods. These methods will work both on Android devices and desktops.

Follow these steps to enjoy a seamless browsing experience, free of pop-up advertisements from .

What is CDN-AF.Feednews.Com? delivers news articles on Android devices through a content-delivery network. Feednews, a news aggregator application, compiles news articles from a variety of reputable sources and offers them to the user with multiple customization options. The app is owned by DotC United Corp., a Chinese technology giant who also owns TouchPal Keyboard, Ulike and other apps.

The Content Delivery Network is a geographically-distributed network of servers which delivers content to the users according to their location. A CDN’s purpose is to improve the user experience through reducing latency, and increasing page load times. is one of the domains that make up the Feednews CDN. provides content, such as images and videos, to the Feednews application, available in the Google Play Store. It has an intuitive interface that allows users to personalize their news feeds based on interests. The app also allows users to save articles and read them later, as well as share them on social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Some users will encounter annoying pop-ups from These ads can appear after clicking an article, or even during app use. By blocking, you can avoid these ads. This will also provide a seamless browsing experience.

Can you block from using HTML0?

You can block by using several different methods.

  1. Ad blockers can be used to block These applications stop ads from appearing on web pages.
  2. Block using Firewalls. You can block by changing the firewall settings on your device. You need to create a firewall rule that blocks access to the domain when setting up firewall rules.
  3. Edit the Hosts File. Editing the host file is a common way to block unwanted domains. The Hosts File is a configuration stored on your device which maps domain names with IP addresses. You can block by redirecting the domain name to an IP address that is not reachable.
  4. Use of browser extensions: You can use a browser extension such as uBlock Origin to block advertisements when you are browsing.
  5. The use of parental controls: Parents can set up their settings to block certain domains including These settings can be found on mobile devices, laptops and PCs.

Blocking will help you eliminate unwanted ads, and ensure a smooth browsing experience. These methods will help you avoid annoying pop-up advertisements that appear while using the Feednews application or browsing the internet.

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