6 Reasons Why Sydney’s West is the Best

6 Reasons Why Sydney’s West is the Best

Sydney is not only Australia’s most populated city, but Greater Sydney also encompasses a vast area of land, much of it in the Western Suburbs. This part of the city is continually growing and expanding and has become one of the trendiest parts of the country to either live or visit.

This article is going to highlight just some of the reasons why so many people consider Sydney’s west to be the best.

#1 – Enjoy Food from All Around the World

One of the truly great things about the Western Suburbs is it’s home to people from many different countries and cultures. This has led to the proliferation of restaurants offering cuisine from practically every region on Earth. Diners are offered a veritable smorgasbord of food options as a result.

Favourites such as Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and many others are all in abundance in Sydney’s Western Suburbs and every suburb boasts its own fine selection of quality casual dining restaurants, cafes, fast food and other eateries.

#2 – Everything is More Affordable Out West

The closer you get to the Eastern beaches and the Sydney CBD, the higher the cost of living tends to be. Although the west is now considered to be a sought-after and trendy location, everything is still much more affordable than it is in Sydney City itself.

House and land purchases, rentals, food prices, the cost of entertainment and dining out and more are so much more affordable when you venture into the Western Suburbs area. There are a lot more options to choose from as well.

Whether you plan to live in Sydney’s West or just visit, the region is very budget-friendly.

#3 – One of the Biggest Club Refurbishments in Sydney is Happening in Lidcombe

It was mentioned in the intro that Western Sydney is always developing and expanding and at the moment the biggest club transformation in Sydney is happening in the heart of Lidcombe, with DOOLEYS Club being developed into one of the best lifestyle venues in all of Australia.

Lifestyle clubs encompass more than just a venue to have a meal or enjoy an alcoholic beverage. They are essentially a location of convenience, where visitors can avail of many different facilities all in one location.

These modern clubs play host to bars, cafes, sporting arenas, restaurants, children’s play areas, gyms, retail outlets, parking and more.

This is a development to keep an eye on.

#4 – Immerse Yourself in Nature Out West

The vast Western Suburbs are home to many local parks, botanic gardens and reserves, so there is always the opportunity to chill out in nature no matter what suburb you’re in. There is also the beautiful Parramatta River that courses its way through much of the district.

If you fancy a nature walk, want to enjoy a picnic, have a BBQ, go cycling along one of numerous cycling paths or just want to chill out under the shade of a tree along the banks of the river, you enjoy many options out west to do just that.

#5 – The Region is Great for Families

This includes both locals and those visiting the area. The Western Suburbs is an ideal location for families, with much to see and do and so many venues in the region being family-focused and family-friendly.

With plenty of parks and children’s playgrounds scattered all over the Western Suburbs, the kids will always find something to entertain themselves.

#6 – Nightlife is in Abundance

One thing the west is not short of is nighttime entertainment. If you venture into the Parramatta district after dark, you’ll be greeted with numerous trendy bars, cool cafes and many nightclubs. In fact, just about every suburb out west offers something in the form of evening entertainment.

Whether you’re going out with friends or with your family, there is nighttime entertainment for people of all ages, including tenpin bowling, cinemas, water parks and so much more.

There is definitely nighttime fun to be had in the west.

The Takeaway

So, there you have just a select few reasons why it’s best out west when it comes to living in or visiting Australia’s largest city. Western Sydney is more affordable and offers an endless list of things to see and do every day or night of the week.

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