You can find out where the pete davidson jenna ortega relationship rumours actually come from

You can find out where the pete davidson jenna ortega relationship rumours actually come from

The internet is already debating the next woman he’ll be interested in.

According to TikToker, Jenna Ortega is the starlet of today, currently playing Wednesday Addams on Netflix’s adaptation The Addams family. They might be good candidates for Dated or Related? and they have a nine-year gap in age, but the internet decided that Pete and Jenna were the next it couple.

Except, they’re not. They might be true, social media conspiracies have a tendency to come true. But extensive research has revealed that this rumour about Pete’s romantic life is based on absolutely nothing. There are no pictures of the two together, there are no rumoured TMZ dating rumors, and not even a single Instagram ‘like.’ The unverified narrative on social media has often been magnified above the truth. Now everyone is asking “Wait, when did this start?” One user even went so far as photoshoping the two of them to add to the confusion.

‘Some of my irls are convinced that Jenna Ortega and Pete Davidson are dating because they have been led to believe this by the internet,’ a Twitter user remarked.

The fact that so many people are outraged at the idea is bizarre. Pete’s ability to attract a constant stream of hot women makes men feel personally insulted. They continue to criticize his looks and one TikToker even compared him to Uncle Fester from Wednesday.

Someone wrote on Twitter, For the love God, keep Pete Davidson from Jenna Ortega’, and another person said, Me praying for Pete Davidson’s demise after hearing about Jenna Ortega.

A second joked, ‘Pete Davidson, I challenge you to a hand-to-hand fight until the death to win the hand of Jenna Ortega.

It’s rare to see men criticizing the looks of another man so openly (side note: Pete’s hot, deal with that) but it seems there’s something about Pete which riles up blokes.

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