Updated Notes and Concerns Regarding Windows Update

Updated Notes and Concerns Regarding Windows Update

Although in my previous article I may also have made tweet board mention to the risks of using Windows Update, these days I have observed different matters about the software that provide it each merit and further concept.

Recently I worked on my Dad’s new PC after he attempted to exchange the ram in his old one whilst it was on and wound up frying the mainboard, and I observed a couple things approximately Windows Update. His girlfriend made sure that his replica of Windows XP home became completely up to date; putting in just about each update that existed.

While I attempted to give an explanation for to her that this was a extremely paranoid way of protective his PC, I noticed that with out SP2 positive features of his PC would be disabled, or now not work in addition to they must. You may also be aware this as well. For example, when you have a ATI Radeon card and would like the most up-to-date drivers – the producer website recommends having SP2 set up as they work satisfactory with that platform.

Recently I was additionally operating on a pal of the circle of relatives’s PC. It become a IBM Thinkcenter PC; and his USB, audio, and VGA drivers had been now not running nicely. This can be constant without difficulty with a motherboard system disk, but he didn’t have that. I visited the IBM internet site to get the right drivers, and it mentioned that the USB drivers have been in SP2. As he had a pirated version of XP and could not download SP2, I needed to installation a stock version of SP2 I had with me.

After that, his USB port labored high-quality. So, to re-iterate: Windows Update is necessary, maximum in reality, for updating to new provider packs. Also, windows replace is also very useful for locating drivers you may need for legacy gadgets and onboard devices. For extra statistics associated with finding drivers for legacy/onboard devices, talk to my manual on that subject matter.

Other then that – protection updates – no longer they all are completely important. I can be writing an editorial on protection updates shortly, so test back soon.

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