Totally Rad Time Travel Takes on a Killer in “Totally Killer”

Totally Rad Time Travel Takes on a Killer in “Totally Killer”

Get ready for a blast from the 80s with a twist! “Totally Killer,” a 2023 slasher comedy from Blumhouse Television, throws teen heroine Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) back in time to 1987. With a notorious murderer on the loose, Jamie must team up with her teenage mother (Olivia Holt) to stop the body count before it’s too late.

This isn’t your typical time travel trope. “Totally Killer” blends the thrills of a classic slasher with the comedic awkwardness of a mother-daughter team fighting a killer together. Imagine Lorraine Baines from “Back to the Future” facing off against Jason Voorhees – that’s the vibe.

Directed by Nahnatchka Khan (“Never Have I Ever”), the film embraces the neon-soaked aesthetics of the 80s. Expect big hair, synth-heavy music, and plenty of references to the decade. But don’t be fooled by the retro charm – “Totally Killer” also delivers the chills and suspense you expect from a good slasher flick.

The film has been generating positive buzz for its unique blend of genres and its stellar cast. Shipka, known for her role in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” brings her signature deadpan humor to the role of Jamie. Opposite her, Holt brings a youthful energy as the teenage version of Jamie’s mom

Whether you’re a fan of 80s nostalgia, a sucker for a good time-travel story, or just love a killer scare, “Totally Killer” is sure to entertain. So grab some popcorn, put on your leg warmers, and get ready for a totally awesome ride.

“Totally Killer” is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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