Thanks Mankind!

Thanks Mankind!

I got to thinking today and have to mention, we rock! Humans tweetboard me I suggest. For a few motive, as I sat there, eating my McDonalds, I commenced considering technology. Man changed into I impressed! We have so much, and we dont reflect onconsideration on it sufficient. I assume it certainly doesn’t make a great deal of a difference to reflect onconsideration on it anyhow, but life might just be a lot more difficult if it wasn’t 2005.

We have developed into quite the creatures. We have generation like computers and IPOD’s to make our lives easier and greater exciting. When become the final time we said thank you? Better yet, who are we pronouncing way to? I suppose we thank God. He did, afterall, create us.

What else did I think about? Medicine! How about all the ones machines and stuff we ought to ensure we get a right diagnosis so that we will get proper remedy. Like MRI’s and Blood exams and all that. Go us!

And all the ones drug treatments that we have, which permit us to experience a long satisfied and wholesome lifestyles. Basically, we have made life more entertaining with generation, and then in flip era made our lives longer in order that we ought to experience it. Thats an excellent cycle, and you could sign me up for it again this yr.

Pretty lots, I just wanted to take a second and reflect onconsideration on what mankind has finished, and thank folks who did it for us. THANKS!

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