So What is a “Server” Anyway?

So What is a “Server” Anyway?

I become inside the center of a income assembly after I became asked, “Anthony, what’s a server, besides?” Those within the area of commercial enterprise listen this word thrown around all the time. Some commercial enterprise proprietors realize their corporations have servers and recognize their agencies want servers, however are unclear about what a server surely does. If you’re like many human beings and are harassed approximately this complete “server” factor, I will try to explain what a server does to help organizations.

Let me start with an analogy, that is the easiest manner I can explain what a computer server is. I want you to think again to the final time you had been at a eating place…Perhaps you were there with a few buddies or own family. Upon sitting down, you were given menus. You and your celebration appeared via the menu and observed the items that have been of interest to you. You have been then greeted through your SERVER. The server welcomed you and requested what you would really like to reserve. After the server took your orders, the server processed the order for meals. When the order become equipped, the server disbursed the meals to you and your celebration. At the cease of the transaction, you had been left with a receipt, auditing the whole thing that turned into processed.

Computer servers are very much like the responsibilities of a waiter or a waitress. A server does just that…It serves up data. A server is a unmarried, specialised laptop this is used to centralize statistics and assets. If your commercial enterprise has approximately five or extra computers, you may reap giant time and value savings, whilst increasing the performance and productiveness of your employees with the aid of using a server. Consider these dilemmas faced by way of comparable groups that do not have a server inside their company:

  • Do you want to centralize and prepare your files because you cannot usually find the proper information while you want it?
  • Can you efficiently percentage thoughts and records along with your colleagues?
  • Do you want get admission to to e-mail, information, and files at the same time as you are far from the workplace?
  • Can your employees percentage equipment and assets which includes printers, fax machines, and Internet access?
  • Do you have got a plan for growing backup copies of critical information if a catastrophe passed off on the office?
  • Is your commercial enterprise statistics covered from unauthorized customers?

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