Factors That Influence You to Buy Travel Insurance

Factors That Influence You to Buy Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance before a holiday has become important. One of the most important things to plan before travelling is a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover your trip. However, there are some people who remain unaware of the importance of having a travelling insurance policy in place while abroad and for many, insurance policy is the least important task to consider before departure. Some of the factors that highlight the importance of having being insured during travel are outlined below

Medical Expenses

The most important reason to purchase a comprehensive Insurance policy to cover your holiday is to cover the cost of medical expenses while abroad. In the event of an accident or unforeseen illness emergency medical assistance may be required. The cost of medical care varies in different parts of the world and can be very expensive in some locations. Air ambulance and repatriation cost will also be covered in the event of a serious illness or accident.

Holiday Cancellation

In the event of an illness or bodily injury of you, a travelling companion or a close relative or a death in the family, forcing you to cancel your trip, financial loss may occur. If the illness occurs just days before your trip you may have all payments made in full for flights, tripsite, travel tickets etc. and cancelling your trip will result in a huge loss and disappointment. A good insurance policy is designed to cover such losses.

Missed Flights

Allowing yourself sufficient time to get to the airport and check in before your flight is important so minor delays will not result in a missed flight. However, unexpected delays may occur such as a breakdown of your vehicle on the way to the airport or a breakdown of another vehicle causing traffic delays and causing you to miss your flight. With comprehensive holiday insurance in place, the cost of an additional flight and any reasonable accommodation expenses incurred in reaching your overseas destination will be fully covered.

Theft or Loss of personal belongings

Unfortunately, tourists are often the victims of muggings in foreign countries. The theft of personal belongings and personal money is covered under most insurance plans. Loss or theft of important documents such as passports, credit cards, travelling documents and Visas is very serious and is important to have adequate cover for such losses.


In the event of a death or serious illness of a close relative at home while you are abroad the cost of curtailing your trip will be covered.

Checklist before buying travel insurance

Are your medical expenses abroad covered?

Anyone can get sick, whether at home or abroad. Make sure that your insurance policy covers all hospital bills along with prescription costs that you incur overseas.

Is there any accidental cover?

Accidents on holidays are common as you participate in activities you are new to or may not partake in at home. You can protect yourself by being alert but this is not possible at all times. It is important that the insurance provider covers your emergency medical evacuations by air if necessary, which you may need if travelling to a remote location where there is no medical help nearby.

Flight cancelled! Now what?

Strike, airline insolvency, adverse weather or mechanical breakdowns all cause flight delays or cancellations. Every year thousands of flights are cancelled by airlines due to different issues which affects holidays. By having a travelling insurance policy that offers cover for sudden flight cancellation by airlines, ensures that the additional expenses incurred in purchasing alternative flight tickets will be reimbursed.

You have to cancel the whole holiday!

Imagine just before the scheduled travel date, your child becomes ill with chicken pox. You have purchased non refundable air tickets and have already booked a hotel. If the trip is cancelled you will be at a huge loss. So trip cancellation cover must be included in your insurance policy documents.

These points are very important and should be followed strictly before buying any travel insurance policy. By considering these points, your holidays will be covered so you can concentrate on packing!

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