Depression and Dream Interpretation – The Scientific Method’s Success

Depression and Dream Interpretation – The Scientific Method’s Success

Interpreting your dreams according to the scientific method, you are in fact translating images to words and learning everything that is happening inside your psyche, what really happened with you and other people in the past, how the future will be, what is happening in your life, how the world cbd boss us, and much more.

The success of the scientific method of dream interpretation in helping depressed people overcome their depression is extraordinary! Even though I state that usually a depressed patient is cured in 6 to 8 months, when their case is simple, they can be cured in only 2 months.

The unconscious mind shows you all your mistakes and shows you how to correct them. You only have to open your eyes and see the truth, changing your behavior according to the guidance you receive.

If you are only depressed and you haven’t become neurotic yet, your cure is so simple!

Even if you have already reached neurosis, your cure through dream translation is guaranteed, since you follow the directions of the unconscious mind in your dreams.

Problematic and impossible cures are the ones that go beyond neurosis. But even the worst cases can be cured through dream interpretation, only that they need more time.

If you are depressed, don’t waste your time, your energy, your hopes and your money with methods that don’t guarantee you anything.

Your dreams will clearly show you everything that is happening to you and why. This is completely different from what all doctors and marketers tell you when they promise to cure your depression.

Nobody explains anything to you: everyone starts telling you that “depression is an unexplained phenomenon”. They don’t know why someone becomes depressed or how to cure them for sure.


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